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10 Best Snowboard Bindings 2017

Any snowboarding enthusiast understands the critical role played by bindings. They not only ensure that your feet feel comfortable but also play a significant role in ensuring that you stay safe while snowboarding. When you’re out there hunting for the best snowboard bindings, it’s important to be clear on whether you want a strap-on or a step-in binding.

And yes, as the search for the best snowboard bindings gears up, manufacturers seem unwilling to rest on their laurels when it comes to throwing new brands into the market. The infinite number of options creates a situation where buyers are unable to identify the best products. Here are the factors you need to consider before narrowing your search to a single product.


Top 10 best snowboard bindings in 2017 reviewsBuyer’s Guide:

10. Sapient, Wisdom Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard Binding

  • By: Sapient

Boasting a unibody construction, this is one of the best bindings on the market. Made from top quality nylon with fiberglass, highback, and Baseplate taking up 10% of its construction, this is a product you can trust for maximum safety.

Its Eva baseplate pads not only offer unrivaled comfort but also ensure that you are safe and experience least impact and friction. It also has EVA highback padding to add to its proper construction and take the experience a notch higher. The adjustable toe ramp allows you to adjust the fit to your convenience and satisfaction.


  • It uses quality material
  • It fits perfectly
  • It comes with stitched insert straps for safety
  • It has an aluminum double buckle for a safe ride


9. Flow, Five Snowboard Binding

Snowboard Binding

  • By: Flow

Ideal for all types of riders, this binding contains full Eva heel and toe inserts for adequate comfort. With a soft and comfortable flex and exofit supportive strap, you will love how comfortable and reliable this product is. What’s more, it comes with mini ratchets and a molded composite baseplate for an incredible snowboarding experience. Additionally, it boasts a soft padding and a plastic material to add to its sturdy construction.


  • Comfort is unmatched
  • It’s quite sturdy
  • It has LSR buckles
  • Comes with locking slap ratchets


8. Rome Snowboards G4 390

Snowboard Binding

  • By: Rome Snowboards

Introducing an ace star combination of unsurpassed reliability and outstanding durability, this Rome G4 is an incredibly useful snowboard binding whose performance is top-tier. With a versatile flex which can accommodate almost everyone; it’s simply a must-have for any snowboarding aficionado.

With a solid lightweight construction, this product boasts unmatched performance taking the experience to a whole new level. What’s more, its Unibody baseplate provides a response as you drop in from a peak thus making you sufficiently safe.


  • It’s quite sturdy
  • Its cored out highback reduces weight without altering strength and support
  • It comes with many pads to absorb impact
  • Its weight makes it quite portable


7. K2 Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard Binding

  • By: K2

Boasting Cinch belt system, the K2 snowboard binding is another awesome product on the menu this year. With a regular highback for convenience, this binding can b e used on almost all mountains. The Clinch C2 chassis ensures that you remain at the top of the game as you snowboard like a pro. Easy to operate and faster than any of its predecessors and competitors, you can even strap in on a chair for crescendo take off.


  • It’s usable on all mountains
  • The design is quite advanced
  • Its buckles are top quality
  • It has nice straps for comfort and adequate fit


6. Flow NX2 – Snowboard Bindings

Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Binding

  • By: Flow

Flow NX2 Binding boasts aluminum alloyed rockered baseplate which gives it unsurpassed durability for a longer-lasting life. Flow NX2 made from top quality glass filled nylon provides enough stability and strength for you to maneuver through every mountain with incredible precision and speed.

If you’re looking for a binder whose quality is top notch yet the price is pocket-friendly, you’d better off looking at this product. What’s more, it uses active 8 support panel which is enough to take your snowboarding experience to a whole new level. With Hybrid power straps, its fit is unchallenged.


  • It makes use of active strap technology
  • It’s quite sturdy
  • It’s easy to use


5. Rome Snowboards G1

Rome Snowboards G1 United Snowboard Bindings

  • By: Rome Snowboards

Rome Snowboards is a company almost every snowboarding devotee can relate with. It has produced numerous top quality snowboard bindings. This G1 model boasts numerous impressive features such as United Asym highback which is known to give impressive results. The Unibody Baseplate provides enough strength and support for any rider on almost every mountain.

The Unibody Baseplate provides enough strength and support for any rider on almost every mountain. It’s Eva D-pad offers sufficient impact resistance for a comfortable riding while the contoured ankle strap offers maximum support for an unmatched experience.


  • It comes with a precise toe strap for maximum comfort
  • The ankle strap makes it safer
  • It’s a sturdy binding


4. Snowboard Addiction Bindings

Snowboard Addiction

  • By: Snowboard Addiction

Snowboard Addiction binding comes in one size that can fit all snowboard riders regardless of their size, age or gender. What’s more, it can be used with or without shoes depending on how you prefer. It features a quick entry buckle which lets you enter in a snap of a finger.

And yes, the ladder system takes the experience an inch higher its Velcro toe strap allows you get in and out of the binding within seconds. Without screws or any sharp parts which could be risky to a rider, you can trust this binding even with your young rider. Of course, with the high-density plastic used in its construction, durability is simply out of the question.


  • It comes with a 4-hole mounting system for compatibility
  • It’s an excellent training masterpiece
  • It offers 100% money-back guarantee


3. System, MTN Snowboard Bindings

Flow Style Snowboard Bindings

  • By: System

Introducing a rear entry step in design, this is another impressive binding available on the market. With an impressive rating on Amazon, you’ll love this excellent product. Fully compatible with various base plates, this binding allows you to easily mount on almost all boards including the traditional standard four-hole, the Burton EST and the Burton three-hole boards. It’s full EVA pads reduce impact while the high-density dampening takes the experience a notch higher.


  • It comes with 3-year warranty
  • It features a state of the art entry design
  • It’s quite sturdy
  • Its ankle strap opens automatically
  • The patented design of the rear cable makes it sufficiently tight


2. Flow, Alpha Snowboard Bindings

Flow Alpha Snowboard Bindings Mens

  • By: Flow

With Exofit Powerstrapmini ratchets, flow Alpha snowboard bindings take the second tier position. They feature molded composite baseplate which not only offers adequate strength but also ensures that you remain safe and comfortable all through the riding process.

The Uniback hiback make it sturdy enough for you to ride comfortably and conveniently. And yes, the full EVA heel and toe pads give a perfect fit and reduce impact which is common when one is riding. If you want to have a breathtaking experience, try these bindings out.


  • It offers easy entry and exit
  • It’s extremely comfortable
  • The Eva toe and heel inserts make them irresistible


1. Burton, Snowboard Binding

Burton Freestyle Snowboard Binding

  • By: Burton

Finally, Burton snowboard binding carries the day. With a single baseplate construction for an adequate response and terrain domination, this product is simply incredible. Lightweight and compact, this binding makes use of bomb-proof polycarbonate which gives it unmatched durability. Its minimized baseplate and living hinge disc make the reflex more dramatic while reducing weight.


  • It’s ideal for all terrains
  • It offers unparalleled adjustability
  • It gives a higher forward lean angle
  • It provides quick heel-edge turning

Key Features:

Key Features:



Finally, when you’re out there looking for the best snowboard bindings, pay much attention to the material used, how comfortable it is, the fit as well as the price. That’s the only way you can grab the crème de la crème. And yes, given the options listed above, you can never go wrong with them.

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