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Solo Exhibitions


2016 “The Perilous Journey of Maria Rosa Palacios”, DPM Gallery [Guayaquil, Ecuador]



“Proposals for an Ecuadorian Pavilion in Venice”, Hansel & Gretel Picture Garden Pocket Utopia [New York, NY]

“Drones”, DPM Gallery [Guayaquil, Ecuador]


2012 “Southern Exposure.” Kronfle-Chambers, Rodolfo (curator). DPM Gallery [Guayaquil, Ecuador].


2011 “Ask Me: Tell Me.” a public art project commissioned by the Laundromat Project [New York, NY].


2010 “Memories of Development.” Quijano, Rodrigo (curator). La Ex-Culpable [Lima, Peru].


2006 “Backyards.” Heist, Eric (curator). Momenta Art, [Brooklyn, NY].


2004 “From the Woolworth.” Drawing Room. Jessica Murray Projects, [Brooklyn, NY].


Museum Exhibitions



(upcoming) Molaa Biennial, Fuentes, Elvis (curator). Museum of Latin American Art, [Long Beach, CA]



(upcoming) group exhibition. Ickes, Charlotte (curator). Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania [Philadelphia, PA]


2015 “The Daily Grind”Getty, Cassandra (curator). Museum London [London, ON]

“Contornos: Desenredando el Museo”, Carrera, Edu, (curator). Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, [Quito, Ecuador]


2014 “Ready or Not 2014”, Dror, Shlomit (curator). Newark Museum, [NJ]



“Bloomfield Avenue Hotline”, a collaborative public art project with Liselot van der Heijden. Bloomfield College & Montclair Museum of Art, [NJ]


2010 There is always a cup of sea for man to sail.” the 29th São Paulo Biennial, 2010 dos Anjos, Moacir and Farias, Agnaldo, chief curators Carvajal, Rina, Maharaj, Sarat , Martinez, Chus, Hasegawa, Yuko and Alvim, Fernando, guest curators, [São Paulo, Brazil].


“Playlist.” Kronfle-Chambers, Rodolfo and Zapata, Cristóbal (curators). Museo Municipal, [Guayaquil, Ecuador].


2007 “50,000 Beds.” video art commission, Doyle, Chris (organizer). The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, [Ridgefield CT].


Interpreting Utopia.” Wallace, Brian and Shanberg, Ariel (curators). Samuel Dorsky Museum, [New Paltz, NY].


2005-2006 “S-Files.” Cullen, Deoborah and Nieves, Marysol (curators). Biennial exhibition, El museo del barrio, [New York, NY]. Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, [San Juan, PR].


Selected Group Exhibitions


2015 Mercury Retrograde: Animated Realities”, Zimbele,Zeljka and Heath, William (curators), Graffit Gallery EOOD [Varna, Bulgaria]

“Remnants”, Baena, Fernando (curator), Galeria Proceso [Cuenca, Ecuador]

“Story of a Story”, Dror, Shlomit (curator), Smack Mellon [Brooklyn, NY]

“Interventions 2”, Blasco, Isidro (curator) [Hudson, NY]


2014 Mercury Retrograde: Animated Realities”, Zimbele,Zeljka and Heath, William (curators), [Croatia].

“Becoming Male”, Erin Lopez-Riley, Curator. Freedman Gallery Center for the Arts, Albright College, [Reading, PA].

“25”, Plaza, Maria Inés (curator). Galerie Munikat [Munich, Germany]

“Once Upon A Time”, Gugelberger, Rachel (curator). Center for Book Arts [NY, NY]


2013 “Souvenir of Ecuador”, La Paglia, Federica (curator). El Instítuto Cervantes, [Rome, Italy].

“Network of Mutuality: 50 Years Post-Birmingham”, Buck-Coleman, Audra (curator). The Art Gallery, University of Maryland, [College Park, MD].

Mercury Retrograde: Animated Realities”, Zimbele, Zeljka (curator). Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, [New York, NY]. Karlin Studios, [Prague, Czech Republic]


2011 “Multiple, Limited, Unique: Highlights from Permanent Collection of The Center for Book Arts.” Campos, Alexander (curator). [New York, NY], Travelled to the following venue: Savanna College of Art & Design, [Atlanta, GA].

“Pingyao International Photography Festival.” Ramer, Jim (curator). [Pingyao, China]


2010 “Pasado Imperfecto: 10 presentes en el videoarte Ecuatoriano.” Kronfle-Chambers, Rodolfo (curator). Travelled to the following venues: ASAB, Bogota, Colombia; Lugar a dudas, Cali, Colombia; Centro Fundación Telefónica en Lima, Perú.

“Lush Life.” Evans, Franklin and Lopez-Chahoud, Omar (curators). Scaramouche Gallery, [New York, NY].

“The Narcissism of Difference.” A MICA exhibition conceived by Christopher Whittey and Gerald Ross, Decker Gallery [Baltimore, MD].

“Companion.” Jahn, Marisa (curator). EFA Project Space, [New York, NY].

“Acting Out.” Lopez-Riley, Erin (curator). Bronx River Arts Center (BRAC), [Bronx, NY].

“Recorded Stories.” LMAK Projects, [New York, NY].


Video Screenings, Performances & Web Projects


2016 “Los poemas que declamaba mi Mamá/ The Poems my Mother Recited” Performance at Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania. [Philadelphia, PA]


2015 “Los poemas que declamaba mi Mamá.” Performance at FAAC [Cuenca, Ecuador]


2014 “Los poemas que declamaba mi Mamá.” performance. Center for Book Arts, [New York, NY]


2013 “Los poemas que declamaba mi Mamá.” performance. Tertulia for Donceles, Kent Gallery, [New York, NY]


2012 “Time Travels.” performance. Mapping Meaning conference, [Capitol Reef, Utah]


“Los poemas que declamaba mi Mamá.” performance. DPM Gallery, [Guayaquil, Ecuador].


2010 “Los poemas que declamaba mi Mamá.” performance. Acting Out, Bronx River Arts Center, [Bronx, NY].


“Framing the Archive.” curated video screening. The Factory: Hamilton Media Arts, McMaster University, [Hamilton, Canada].


Artist in Residence Programs


2015-2016 Back in 5 minutes, Artist Residency, El museo del barrio, [New York, NY]


2011 Laundromat Project: Create Change Residency, a social practice project, [NY/NJ]


2010 MacDowell Artist in Residence Program, [Peterborough, NH]


2008 Cuts and Burns Residency, Outpost, Artist in Residence Program, [New York, NY]


2006 Harvestworks New Work Residency, [New York, NY]


2005 Swing Space, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, [New York, NY].

Institute of Electronic Arts Residency, Alfred University, [Alfred, NY]

MacDowell Artist in Residence Program, [Peterborough, NH]

Center for Book Arts, Artist in Residence, [New York, NY]


2004 Smack Mellon Artist in Residence, [Brooklyn, NY]


2003 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Workspace, Woolworth Building, [New York, NY]




2015 NYC Film and Media Grant, Jerome Foundation, [MN/NY]

Research/Scholar Fulbright Award to Ecuador “The Perilous Journey of Maria Palacios”

New Jersey State Council on the Arts (NJSCA), [NJ]


2013 Bloomfield Avenue Art Prize, Montclair Art Museum and Bloomfield College [NJ]


2010 NYSCA (New York State Council on the Arts), Film and Electronic Arts Grant, [NY].


2006 Urban Artist Initiative Grant, [New York, NY].

NALAC (National Association of Latino Arts & Culture) Grant, [San Antonio, TX].

Puffin Foundation Grant, [Teaneck, NJ].


Artist Lectures & Panels


2014 Artist in the Galleries: Newark Museum, “Ready or Not”, [Newark, NJ]

Artist Lecture, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo (CAC-LAB), [Quito, Ecuador]

Academic Lecture, Instituto Superior Tecnológico de Artes del Ecuador ITAE, [Guayaquil, Ecuador]

Panel Discussion: Center for Book Arts, “Once Upon a Time”, [NY, NY]


2013 Artist Lecture, Montclair State University, [Montclair, NJ]

Artist Lecture, State University of New York, Albany, [Albany, NY]

Artist Lecture, “The Network of Mutuality”, University of Maryland, [College Park, MD]


2012 Artist Presentation, “Mapping Meaning 2012.” conference, organized by Krista Caballero and Sylvia Torti. [Capital Reef, UT].

Panel Discussion, “In Conversation: Sharon Butler & Karina Aguilera Skvirsky.” organized by Austin Thomas, Heiner Contemporary, [Washington, DC].

Artist Lecture, “Southern Exposure.” Dossiers, presented at Instituto Superior Tecnológico de Artes del Ecuador (ITAE), [Guayaquil, Ecuador].


2011 Panel Discussion with Sherrilyn Iffil, The Narcissism of Difference (exhibition), Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art (MICA), [Baltimore, MD].

Round Table, as part of “What matters now?” Donnely, Erin and Willis, Deborah moderators, Aperture Foundation, [New York, NY].


2010 Artist Lecture, LMAK Projects, “Recorded Stories.” (exhibition), [New York, NY].

Artist Lecture, Escuelab, a new media and community arts think tank, [Lima, Peru].

Dossiers, (artist lecture), presented at Instituto Superior Tecnológico de Artes del Ecuador (ITAE), [Guayaquil, Ecuador].

Artist Lecture, Parsons School of Design, New School, [New York, NY]


Commentary About My Work in Books, Newspapers, Magazines & Online Publications


2015 Carrera Rivadaneira, Edu, “Contornos”, catalogue essay, [Quito, Ecuador]

Baena, Fernando, “Remnants”, catalogue essay, [Cuenca, Ecuador]

Sutton, Benjamin, “Dissecting and Detecting Stories in Found Objects and Remnants”, on-line review <http://hyperallergic.com>


2014 Plaza, Maria Ines. “Vista satelital de la ficción:muestra de Karina Skvirsky “The drones” en DPM” Ecuador, on-line review <riorevuelto.com>

Portilla, Angela. “Karina Aguilera muestra sus drones en la galería DPM”, newspaper review, El Telegrafo, [Guayaquil, Ecuador]


2013 Rangel, Gabriela. De Leon, Christina. “Artist Interview & Portfolio”, Review 86: Literature and Arts of the Americas, [NY, NY]

La Paglia, Federica. “Mas alla de la linea”, (“Beyond the Line”). catalogue essay, Souvenir de Ecuador, [Rome, IT]

O’Sullivan, Michael. “Network of Mutuality: 50 years post Birmingham”, newspaper review, The Washington Post, [Washington, DC]

Orton, Madeline. “Public Arts Project Gives Neighboring Towns a Sense of Place”, television interview and newspaper article, NJ Today, [NJ]

Heath, William. Himbele, Zeljka. “Mercury Retrograde: Animated Realities”, exhibition essay, Stefan Stoyanov Gallery, [NY, NY]

Marsala, Helga. “Souvenir de Ecuador: Il ritratto di un Paese in forma”, exhibition review, Art Tribune, [Rome, IT]


2012 “El Guayaquil de Karina Skvirsky Aguilera.” newspaper article, Expresiones, [Guayaquil, Ecuador].

Wiesner, Mildred. “Obras muestran relación de artista con Ecuador.” newspaper article, El Universo, [Guayaquil, Ecuador]

Chambers, Rodolfo Kronfle. “Southern Exposure.” catalogue essay, DPM Gallery, [Guayaquil, Ecuador].

“La biculturalidad de Karina Skvirsky en una muestra fotográfica.” newspaper article, El Comercio, [Quito, Ecuador]


2011 Riley-Lopez, Erin. “Residency Snapshot: A Contemporary Outlook for the Future of Book Arts.” Multiple Limited Unique. catalogue essay, Center for Books Arts, 2011. 58+. Print.

Wright, Assata. “Airing Laundry: Artist asks residents to recount memories of changing Jersey City landscape.” newspaper article, Hudson Reporter [Jersey City, NJ].

Whiten, Jon. “Jersey City Artist Aguilera Skvirsky’s Public Art Project Uses Downtown’s Lucky Laundromat as Oral-History Hub.” newspaper article, Jersey City Independent, [Jersey City].

Mantilla, Anamaria Garzon. “El fin de la Mirada inocente.” Galeria de Arte. magazine article, Revista Vanguardia, [Quito, Ecuador].

Dawson, Jessica. “Narcissism of Minor Differences' shows how fast intolerance turns to violence.” The Narcissism of Minor Differences, MICA (Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art). newspaper review, The Washington Post [Washington]


2010 “There is always a cup of sea for man to sail.” the 29th São Paulo Biennial, 2010, catalogue, [São Paulo, Brazil].

Harris, Jane. “The Lush History of the Lower East Side.” news and opinion, magazine article, Art in America.

Daley, A and S. Swinder. “On Site: New York: Lush Life Exhibitions on Display at 9 Lower East Side Galleries.” on line review, <artobserved.com>.

Hennig, Samantha. “Artists re-imagine Richard Price’s “Lush Life.” : The New Yorker Graphic Novel, The Talk of the Town.” magazine article, The New Yorker, [New York]


2009 Kronfle-Chambers, Rodolfo. “Playlist.” catalogue essay, Galeria Proceso and Museo Municipal, [Cuenca, Ecuador].

“Racism: An American Family Value.” catalogue, Center for Book Arts, [New York, NY].

Gehman, Geoff. “Artists capture good and evil in Lehigh University show.” newspaper review, The Morning Call, [Bethlehem, PA].



My work is included in the following collections:


Urbes Mutantes: Latin American Photography Collection

CBRE Development Corporation (NY, NY)

The Center for Photography (Woodstock, NY)

New York Historical Society (NY, NY)

Samuel Dorsky Museum (New Paltz, NY)

Singer Editions (Boston, MA)

Museum of Modern Art Library (NY, NY)

Brooklyn Museum of Art (Brooklyn, NY)

SFMOMA Library (San Francisco, CA)

New York Public Library (NY, NY)

Whitney Museum of American Art (NY, NY)

Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, RI)

Indiana University Fine Arts Library (Bloomington, IN)

and private collections