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Best House of lashes in 2017

False eyelashes or falsies as most of us prefer to call them, are becoming an essential part of our generation. When looking for the Top 5 best house of lashes in 2017 reviews, you simply can’t help noticing how diverse they have become. Marking a welcome departure from the era when we had to do with limited brands and designs, today, there are many designs and brands in the market.

Although not all faux eyelashes live up to our expectation, there are numerous brands which have attained peak satisfaction and have proven quite impressive. Although the competition is stiff, those who scooped the first five positions are listed below.

The Top Best House of lashes in 2017 Reviews:

5. House of Lashes – Temptress Wispy False Eyelashes


  • By: House of Lashes 

House of Lashes is a reputable name in the manufacture of faux eyelashes. Having been on the market for quite some time, it appears that have amassed a wealth of experience in the designing of top-notch falsies. If you are a partying-animal, their wide range of false eyelashes will make you the center of attraction.

100% brand new, you will not just these new thick and superbly long eyelashes! Coming in a pair of 5 falsies all black in color, you will find them quite handy. Of course, their quality is simply out of the question. If you like your eyes looking brighter and more attractive, these faux eyelashes will quench your desire.

Perhaps it’s time you awoke that partying giant in you with these elegant falsies which guarantee a glamorous and attractive look. And yes, given their quality, you can never go wrong with them! To ensure that you maintain that high level of attraction, try Skyline false eyelashes and you will have some kind words for them!

4. de Prettilicious, 15-PAIR (3 Different style) Natural False Eyelashes Set

False Eyelashes

  • By: de Prettilicious

De Prettilicious is yet another household name in the manufacture of excellent false eyelashes. Designing some high-quality natural falsies, their quality has, for a long time, remained top-notch. And yes, they are rapidly flying off the shelves thanks to their attractive nature which gives the person who wears them an outstanding and unique look.

And yes, they are carefully crafted and handmade to ensure that they integrate each and every important detail for a fantastic finish. Being a 15-pair package, it gives you an opportunity to explore 3 styles as you may please. This gives you a chance to try out numerous designs and styles before you settle on that specific one.

Of course, since styles might be varied depending on the occasion, the falsies give you an opportunity to wear each style depending on the event. They come with a free applicator which slashes down the extra cost of purchasing one. And yes, with a free ebook, you will have enough tips to explore.

3. GoldRose, 50 Pairs Natural Reusable – False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes

  • By: Goldrose

This package of 50 false eyelashes from GoldRose is yet another awesome option you might want to try out. It presents professionally prepared and designed false eyelashes with five assorted styles and ten pieces for each style. This gives enough room for you to explore numerous styles before settling on any specific one.

Of Course, like earlier stated, you might prefer specific styles for specific occasions which are a good thing. Gold rose presents 100% brand new falsies which are of a very high quality. In fact, it’s one of the highest quality faux eyelashes in the market.

If you are looking for false eyelashes, which not only give you a bright look but also ensure that the entire preparation process is easy and quick, these are your bet. It’s time you made your eyes look brighter and more attractive than ever before with these awesome designs from Gold Rose.

Whether you want to keep it simple or only want to go bold, you have all the power vested in your hands with these faux eyelashes. And yes, they are reusable making them quite convenient. With their original thickness, you can comfortably wear them for different occasions.

2. Missamé, DIVA Deluxe False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes

  • By: Missamé

If you are looking for falsies which mimic your natural eyelashes and give you that bold, unique and natural look, try Missamé Diva false eyelashes, and you will love the outcome. They are made from high-quality synthetic fiber to ensure that they remain safe and attractive, giving you a glamorous and elegant look.

Highly hygienic in nature, they are cruelty-free and give a natural look, just like natural hair. This pack of quality false eyelashes brings more flexible and easy to apply falsies which not only give you an elegant look but also stick for the longest time possible.

If you are looking for a false that will ensure that your whole day is covered, try them out, and you will love the experience. Their elastic bands provide that you get zero irritations on the corners of your eyes, which is a common condition with most half-baked products. And yes, their light weight makes them feel just like your eyelashes. Of course, they are reusable making them quite convenient for daily use.

1. House of Lashes, Premium Quality False Eyelashes for a Great Value

House of Lashes


  • By: House of Lashes

And finally, the first position is scooped by House of Lashes which is a Demi false eyelashes package. If you are looking for a beautiful and glamorous finish, try this one out! They are easy to apply and guarantee the best results.

Of course, no one wants to have falsies which become a task when one tries to remove them, right? Well, just like applying, removing them is simply snap. And yes, they are re-usable when well taken care of, which makes them quite economical. Try them today!


If you want to enhance your eyelashes for various reasons, forget about all the other remedies and try out false eyelashes. They are the ultimate solution. Armed with the above information, all you need to do is head to the market and get one of the above-listed products.

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