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Top 5 Best Shaving Creams in 2017

Whether you get a fair skin or a show-off skin after shaving, it all depends on the shaving cream you use. While exploring the Top 5 shaving creams in 2017, I couldn’t help noticing the dramatic changes that come with modern shaving creams. Marking a welcome departure from those days when we had to use soap as a shaving cream, today, we have more shaving creams than you can even count.

Marking a welcome departure from those days when we had to use soap as a shaving cream, today, we have more shaving creams than you can even count. Although there are those who give unpleasant results, the ones who perform effectively outnumber the less efficient ones. I have compiled a list of the best shaving creams in the market in order of their efficiency and reliability.

Top 5 Best Shaving Creams in 2017 Reviews:

5. Cremo Original Shaving Cream – Shaving Creams

Original Shave Cream

  • Brand: Cremo

Cremo original shaving cream takes the 5th position simply because of the stiff competition. Its performance is, in fact, unparalleled! Being a foam-free shaving cream, it is an exceptionally superior product which offers excellent results. If you are tired of always having to scratch your skin after shaving simply because it feels itchy, try this shaving cream, and you will see the difference.

It dramatically reduces nicks while at the same time ensuring that you get the closest and most comfortable shave. If you can’t remember the last time you had a comfortable and itch-free shave, try Cremo, and you will love the results. And yes, it’s time you kissed after-shave pimples goodbye with this amazing shaving cream which guarantees a superb and astonishingly smooth skin.

It’s made from natural extracts and ingredients which ensure that you get nothing short of the best results. With Aloe Vera, lemon juice, Macadamia seed oil and papaya extracts, you can trust it to give a refreshing feeling to your skin after you apply it. It’s also gluten free and earth friendly!

4. Gillette, with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel – Shaving Creams

Shave Gel

  • Brand: Gillette

Gillette is a household name in most countries. In fact, I knew Gillette long before I started shaving. From their shaving razors to this shaving cream, you will love your experience with their products. Specifically, this shaving cream is proven to offer remarkable results. This is an advanced shaving formula which guarantees a smooth and bright skin shave after shave!

If you have been experiencing irritations after shaving, you should try this cream out. And yes, it offers an excellent coverage which ensures that you do not have some missed parts. And yes, being an extra creamy formula, it protects your skin against irritations, nicks, redness or razor burns which are all quite disturbing. Coming in a 7 Ounce can, it offers enough services for several shavings.

3. VIKINGS BLADE Luxury Shaving Cream, Traditional Swedish Heritage, Sandalwood & Western Red Cedar, 100% Pure Raw ManlinessShaving Creams


Vikings blade is yet another unique surfactant-based shaving cream. It offers an excellent shaving precision and gives perfect results. If you are looking for a beautiful skin that remains smooth and attractive shave after shave, you definitely ought to check this shaving cream out. And yes, it quickly evaporates from your skin thus making sure that you experience a cooling sensation and a relaxed surface layer.

If you want to take your shaving experience to a whole new level, this shaving cream ensures that you have a superb, beautiful and elegant finish. And, of course, it protects your skin from bacterial infections as well. It comes with a traditional Swedish scent which makes it quite convenient for use. It is a 5-star shaving cream and enhances the entire shaving experience.

2. Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Shaving Cream

Shave Shaving Cream

  • Brand: Kiss My Face

You will have people wanting to kiss your face after you use this shaving cream. A remarkable 11oz shaving formula, it comes in a convenient pump which places it second to none. In fact, its unparalleled 4 in 1 formula [provides a clean shave while at the same time maintaining a soft, smooth and moisturized skin. And, you can use it on your legs, face, and underarms as well.

It’s proven to be safe for any skin texture and type and causes no irritations whatsoever. Given its natural ingredients including olive oil and coconut oil moisturizers, you can fully trust it to deliver impressive results at all times. It’s exceptionally herbal blends which include lemongrass and a little bit of soapwort add to its brilliant nature. It completely protects your skin from scratch, nicks, and irritations. Cruel free and gluten-free, you can trust the safety of this shaving cream.

1. Taylor of Old Bond Street, Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

Shaving Creams

  • Brand: Taylor of Old Bond Street

And finally, Taylor of Old Bond Street clinches the top position. With its natural ingredients, it’s a perfect formula for preparing your skin before a shave. It not only moisturizes but also softens and protects your skin shave after shave. Its blend of exotic sweet scents and cedar makes it quite impressive while

Its blend of exotic sweet scents and cedar makes it quite impressive while its included bowl makes gathering just a snap! Apart from preparing your skin, it also moisturizes it and prevents nicks, itching, and rashes. This shaving cream is simply amazing. Being gluten-free and earth-friendly, you can trust it with your skin.


In a nutshell, if you are looking for the best shaving cream, ensure that you get one that works perfectly with your skin. Although there are tons of shaving creams in the market, the ones listed above out-muscle the rest hands-down!

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